Calif. Lawmakers Seek Answers On Recent Immigration Raids

Justin Greene
March 2, 2017

Law enforcement has confirmed that ICE is not in Blaine County. Martinez, like Carpenter, said immigration status is not checked as a part of routine law enforcement. But a potential increase in low-level stops and arrests-the kind advocated under the model-could also severely undercut so-called sanctuary cities' ability to actually provide sanctuary to those targeted by law enforcement.

Police Chief Mina was not available for comment.

The current DHS memo indicates that the new emerging agency under Trump and Kelly won't be bothered to even feign a humanistic approach and that they would rather embrace their own rabid thirst to attack the less powerful. But they had some pretty clear feelings on tasking local cops with looking for people to kick out of the country. In order to be an effective police department we need the trust and cooperation between residents and the officers sworn to protect them. Inmates convicted of 170 serious or violent crimes will be turned over.

President Trump ran on campaign promises that threatened immigrant communities and talked of deporting millions.

"I'm hopeful that they understand that I'm an honest, truthful, hardworking person and that all of these people are here supporting me because of that", she said in Spanish, surrounded by her attorneys and supporters. Enforcing labor standards is a "claims-driven process" because of the limited resources of federal and state enforcement agencies, she said. "I hate getting blown around by the wind".

From New York to Lost Angeles, activists have spoken out about immigration raids that have take place in recent weeks across the country, CBS News' Carter Evans reported. We do not intend to change that practice. "We will make sure someone is heard". Our public safety is at stake.

Wilson said he's "not inclined to be an obstructionist with the feds".

Vargas was immediately detained and taken into custody. "They're saying that we're involved in roundups, in enforcement outside our facilities".

He said: 'ICE does not conduct sweeps or raids that target aliens indiscriminately'.

"The scope was very narrow and now it's been widened", said Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes. He emphasized that he hasn't seen the 287 (g) program implemented in municipal police departments.

Vallario, who oversees the county jail, isn't excited about the 287 (g) program either.

Marino says he realizes immigration policy is under federal authority but he called on local elected officials to offer more support. It would not matter if the person was a USA citizen or in the country illegally.

Type the words "customs enforcement" into Google.

In fiscal year 2009, the immigration court in Cleveland deported 4,149 people from OH and granted relief - usually asylum or adjusted immigration status - in 236 cases.

For decades, the WHD has taken actions to prevent immigration enforcement from interfering with wage and hour enforcement, and to "encourage undocumented workers to come forward", said McCutchen, an administrator of the Labor Department's Wage and Hour Division under President George W. Bush.

"Without that cooperation, we wouldn't have people under arrest", McKay said. Tanner said the county does not now participate in this model.

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon say they've received little information from Immigration and Customs Enforcement regarding deportation actions in California between February 1 and February 20.

The jail may not hold a deportable immigrant for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, but will share information about that detainee with the immigration agency.

"Regarding the fear in the community, the biggest doubt right now is whether or not to send your children to school after something like this happens", she said through a Spanish-language translator.

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