AMD announces partnership with Bethesda to optimize games for Ryzen and Vega

Phillip Butler
March 3, 2017

AMD GPUs will range from low-end Polaris 12 GPUs and mid range RX 500 series to high-end AMD Vega GPUs. With the forward rendering path in Unreal Engine 4, developers have more choice in how they render for VR, helping to achieve a stunning-looking game while delivering the high frame rates necessary for a good experience. AMD confirmed that Bethesda will work into optimizing video games specifically for the Ryzen processors and Vega-based graphics cards.

Sadly though, the livestream shed very little light on what's on the radar for the immediate future with the new Vega, and the official name is about the only detail AMD could be pinned down on. In what AMD is calling a "first of its kind" deal, the companies aren't inking a partnership over just one or two games, but rather they have formed what AMD is presenting as a long term, deep technology partnership, making this partnership much larger than the usual deals.

Among the top titles released by the company are the "Fallout 3", "Fallout 4", "The Elder Scrolls" series, "Doom", "Dishonored", and "Quake".

Forward rendering isn't a new technique.

As the race between NVidia and AMD heat up to determine who the king of graphics cards is, a new development emerged that could change the game. As a result, lots of applications support forward rendering to deliver faster and better looking VR applications. We covered this technology during our Vega architecture preview last month at CES, but today we finally saw a demo of this technology in action. You can also watch the live stream here on our website at the bottom of this article.

AMD showed high-end VR games such as Survios' Sprint Vector VR racing game.

LiquidSky and AMD are collaborating on an Internet-based game streaming service which will be powered by Vega GPUs. LiquidSky offers the games through a subscription model.

AMD also showed Limitless Studios' virtual reality game development environment, which lets developers animate scenes in VR.

That said, Radeon head Raja Koduri showcased a brief Deus Ex: Mankind Divided demo that suggested that Vega's high-bandwidth cache controller can increase average and minimum frame rates by 50 and 100 percent, respectively, in memory-limited games.

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