Facebook Launches 'Video' App for Fourth-Generation Apple TV

Randall Craig
March 3, 2017

Simply called Facebook Video, the app promises to deliver a better experience for watching videos found throughout the social network.

After installing the app, you'll need to log in via a dedicated web page or by using the Facebook app on your smartphone.

Samsung Electronics announced that it has become the first TV manufacturer to make the new Facebook video app available on all its smart televisions launched after 2015.

This app is exclusively focused on providing relatable video content from your News Feed - those shared by your friends or Pages you're following on the platform. Your Facebook Video profile doesn't include your news feed or any other Facebook features; it's just videos that you've shared or posted online. Touted as a new way to consume videos on a larger-screen format, the Apple TV and Smart TV app allows Facebook users to watch videos shared by their friends and Pages that they follow, or view content that they've saved to a "watch later" playlist. Facebook is trying to change that however with the Facebook Video app since Facebook wants to become the leader in online videos. It's all about video playback and live streaming.

This is the second attempt by Facebook to put its videos on your TV. The recommendations form a backbone for the success of such video platforms - as we've already seen on YouTube. The new application, however, offers a more seamless and integrated solution for fourth-generation Apple TV users. Facebook also recommends videos based on your interests which you can save on another device and later watch them on your TV. You may now select the category you like and scroll through the videos found in that category. If you do not already have Apple TV, now would be a good time to get it because Facebook Video among many other apps and products are coming out left and right for the Apple TV.

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