Trump to announce defense buildup from Navy carrier

Tomas Mccoy
March 3, 2017

- President Trump is scheduled to be in Virginia Thursday morning to deliver a speech aboard the USS Gerald Ford that promotes his plans to build up the nation's military.

Arriving on the almost $13 billion USS Gerald R. Ford warship by helicopter, Trump called the vessel "American craftsmanship at its biggest and "a monument to American might" that will project the nation's power overseas".

Trump's first budget proposal will look to increase defense and security spending by $54 billion.

During the president's address at the joint session of Congress, Trump said that he requested an end to current defense sequestrations. American planes will soar the skies.

Tomorrow, President Trump will bring his pro-military message to Hampton Roads. Wearing an olive-green bomber jacket he had received after arriving on the ship, Trump also swapped out his iconic red hat for the navy-blue cap worn by the almost completed ship's crew.

"If he can make that happen, it's good news for all of Newport News Shipbuilding", he said. This is American craftsmanship at its biggest, at its best, at its finest.

Trump also championed orthodoxy in regard to defense spending, saying that a predictable budget would help the Navy and other services plan their acquisitions in advance, thereby reducing the cost.

"The proud dignity of the ship is a fitting tribute to Gerald Ford - the man and the president", Trump said.

Trump noted that the three aircraft carriers that won the Battle of Midway - the USS Enterprise, USS Yorktown and USS Hornet - against the Japanese fleet in 1942 were built in the same shipyards that produced the Ford.

Trump did not mention the mounting pressure facing Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from overseeing a Justice Department investigation into Russian ties to the Trump campaign.

Trump said he meant to bring the Navy to it's largest ever size.

The sequester went into effect in 2013 under the Budget Control Act after the Obama administration and GOP lawmakers could not come to an agreement on federal spending cuts.

A 350-ship Navy, up from today's 274.

This increase keeps with a December US Navy Force Structure Assessment, which called for more large surface combat ships, attack submarines, amphibious warfare ships, and an additional Ford-class aircraft carrier.

"Show me the money", said Donald Jones, a 60-year-old sheet metal mechanic from Portsmouth/ "We're glad he's here".

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