Mexican lawmaker climbs border wall in stunt aimed at Trump

Justin Greene
March 4, 2017

Mexican Congressman Braulio Guerra took matters into his own hands on Wednesday with a unique approach to combat President Donald Trump's proposed border wall.

'I was able to scale it, climb it, and sit myself right here, ' Guerra said in the video, according to ABC News.

Trump has famously called for building a wall along the US border with Mexico, which stretches over 1,950 miles - and making Mexico pay for it, a suggestion laughed off by Mexican politicians and profanely denounced by former President Vincente Fox.

He also called Trump's proposed wall between the USA and Mexico "unnecessary and totally absurd", the News said.

Rough translation: "I climbed the wall with the U.S. Look, Donald Trump, at the absurd and unnecessary spending on this project that does wrong and harms our good neighborliness".

Guerra posted the video on Twitter, along with a comment that read, in part, "Human rights, principles and dignity are non-negotiable".

Guerra also posted a video filmed while sitting on top of the fence.

Trump has argued that a border fence isn't sufficient, and that he plans to build a solid wall.

He also tweeted some photos, including one showing two other people who he said were climbing the barrier while he was there.

Some social media skeptics pointed out that Guerra was not shown actually climbing - leading them to suspect someone helped him get atop the fence.

And just one week after Trump took office, current Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto canceled a meeting with him over Trump's continued focus on his promised border wall.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has said under questioning from lawmakers who oppose walling off the entire border that the department might start by expanding fencing in certain areas, bolstered by technology and personnel.

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