Microsoft launches Xbox Live Creators Program

Phillip Butler
March 5, 2017

Microsoft will begin rolling-out its first Windows mixed reality development kit later this month, signalling a major step forward in the tech giant's plans for the technology.

Microsoft has announced that its "monster" 4K-ready Project Scorpio console will support both AR and VR headsets in 2018, facilitating a more unified Mixed Reality approach.

Originally announced at Microsoft's keynote in October 2016, VR headsets with inside-out tracking from HP, Dell, Lenovo, ASUS, and Acer (with another from 3Glasses revealed in December), are due to launch later this year. They cost about $300 (roughly £250 or AU$400 converted). The new headsets will work with HoloLens apps, display Windows Universal Apps, even launch traditional Win32 programs in a single "desktop" window - and the wider field of view means there's no hunting around the room to find each one. All of the headsets, including the Acer, are supposed to be a plug-and-play experience meaning there will be no need to purchase or install external trackers or sensors in the wall.

With the bevvy of news Microsoft have churned out in the last couple of days it would be remiss not to include as much as possible in one post so here goes. But many upcoming VR headsets might also have those capabilities.

Nearly every day we talk about new features and features that slowly are becoming public and that refer directly to the update Creators Update for Windows 10 that will reach our PC next month.

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription-based where owners can download Xbox One games directly to the console for around $10 per month. The company confirmed it sold 915,000 PlayStation VR headsets since then.

Windows VR headsets want to invade your living room, too.

The company made the announcement during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) on Wednesday. "HoloLens is focused on task workers and enterprise".

The objective is apparently to allow developers a high-fidelity option to use while creating their MR experiences, without having to hack a Vive or Rift.

Back to the Acer headset, it will feature two liquid crystal displays with a resolution 1440 x 1440 displays, a 60 HZ refresh rate.

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