Bipartisan Senators Demand Proof of Trump's Wiretapping Allegation

Tomas Mccoy
March 9, 2017

The move came a day after President Donald Trump alleged that then-president Barack Obama ordered a wiretap of the phones in Trump Tower in NY, which served as Trump's campaign headquarters.

"It was a startling and serious allegation about a former president, made in a series of four tweets on March 4". Every single article you just mentioned did not back up the president's claim that President Obama had him wiretapped. As part of that practice, neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any us citizen.

"Jim Comey is an honorable guy", he said.

In other words, Comey had an incentive to push back against Trump's freakish conspiracy theory, not because of Obama, but to defend the bureau.

A spokesperson for the White House said Monday that President Donald Trump didn't believe claims from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that former President Obama didn't order wiretaps of President Donald Trump when the latter was a candidate for the office.

There was no additional information provided to substantiate the president's claims that Obama had "wire tapped" Trump Tower, and it was not clear on what information he was basing the allegations.

Trump's overall stat comports with an intelligence report as to how many released prisoners have returned to the battlefield - and with a Fox & Friends segment broadcast minutes before Trump's tweet.

"President Obama could not have done it", Hayden said.

When asked about Trump's allegations, Senate Intelligence Committee member Tom Cotton, a Republican, declined to comment on the president's tweets but said he has "seen no evidence of the allegations". Kevin Lewis, Obama's spokesman, has called the accusations "simply false".

Democrats accused Trump of making the wiretapping claim to try to distract from controversy about possible links to Russian Federation.

Trump's assertion appears to stem from conservative media outlets, such as Breitbart, and anonymously sourced reports on British blogs.

Sanders said that she had not asked the president directly, yet suggested that he might have had "access to documents that I don't know about".

Speaking on NBC News on Sunday morning, former director of national intelligence James Clapper denied that a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) wiretap was authorised against Trump or the campaign during his tenure. "Whitehouse, look into whether or not there was any lawful warrant requested and received on the Trump campaign and whether or not there was any illegal activity regarding the Trump campaign", Graham said.

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