College Student Literally Juggles His Way Out of a Possible DWI Ticket

Kristopher Drake
March 10, 2017

His license plate reading "JUGGLER", Blayk Puckett caught the cops' attention for driving around slowly with a broken taillight, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

By this time Sgt. McKay said it was clear that Puckett was not drunk or impaired, so he made a decision to have a little fun with him.

Still, officers decided they needed to investigate a little further. "It's just more fun when you can juggle and have more fun with the officers than a standard traffic stop that's boring and scary".

He says he knew the student was sober before he started juggling but he wanted to see what he could do.

Upon making contact, McKay asked Puckett where he was going. When he was pulled over and asked what was in his pocket, the answer was "magic equipment".

That's when put on a juggling clinic for the officers, proving his sobriety and proving he's got some pretty good juggling skills as well. Incapable of magic. Or juggling. However, his story had quite a different ending than most such stops and even better, the whole thing was captured on video.

"I had a brake light out and so I'm driving very carefully, trying to be as careful as I cannot to do anything wrong because I knew my brake light was out", he said. "And he said, 'I'm a magician, but I'm also a juggler'".

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