House Oversight Committee questions White House about Trump's deleted tweets

Phillip Butler
March 11, 2017

Deleting tweets might seem like a fairly benign exercise - especially if, say, you often fire them out at all hours of the day or night, with little thought given to their veracity or substance - but two top congressmen warned this week that it's probably against the law if you're the president of the United States.

The White House in a press release, touting what it sees as President Trump's accomplishments in his first 50 days in office.

According to a letter signed by Republican Jason Chaffetz and Democrat Elijah Cummings, Trump could be violating the Presidential Records Act.

Last week, for example, Trump posted and quickly deleted two tweets with incorrect spellings of "hereby" before ultimately tweeting out a corrected version.

The letter to the White House requests information on any senior officials who have used "an alias email account" for official business, policies governing electronic communications, archiving procedures and systems, as well as any personnel training practices relating to the Presidential Records Act.

On Wednesday, the Committee on Government Oversight and Reform sent a letter to the White House expressing concern about the way Trump deletes those typo-filled tweets, preventing them from being cataloged properly by the Presidential Records Act.

Red flags were raised about proper documentation after recent reports of administration officials using apps like Confide, a messaging app where texts disappear after watching them, Signal, and Whatsapp.

"Official business must be conducted in such a way as to preserve the official record of actions taken by the federal government and its employees", the members wrote in the letter.

The lawmakers requested answers from both the White House and agencies by March 22.

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