Trudeau announces $650M for sexual and reproductive health

Kristopher Drake
March 11, 2017

"It simply is saying, 'I believe in the equality of men and women and I believe that we have an bad lot of work to do to get there.' That's like saying the sky is blue and the grass is green", Trudeau said at the United Nations in March 2016.

Trudeau says this will help many women regain their rights over their own bodies.

Trudeau name-checks Canadian women like Viola Desmond, a black Canadian who fought racial segregation, for their contribution to Canada's history while reminding viewers that a hard fight ahead remains on issues like equal pay and reproductive rights.

Trudeau will spend one more day in Houston.

In making the announcement, Trudeau said women should be able to choose when they want to start their families and how big they will be.

Trudeau came to the heart of the US oil path to deliver a keynote address to the annual CERAWeek conference - a first for a Canadian prime minister - that attracts legislators, energy executives, innovators and experts from around the world. She said it was to "celebrate the boys and men in our lives" who are supportive of and respect women.

After eight hours the post had received more than 9,000 total "likes" and "loves", and more than 800 comments. "Really, I expected more", wrote one Instagram user.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in the heart of the US oilpatch to make the case for investing in Canadian natural resources - while protecting the environment - at an influential global gathering of politicians and oil and gas executives. Interspersed between the incredulous comments are ones standing with Grégoire Trudeau's message, agreeing male allies should be celebrated on a day like today. "There will come a day, far off but inevitable at some point, when traditional energy sources will no longer be needed", said Trudeau, who has positioned Canada as a leader in clean energy technologies such as carbon capture, and batteries for electric cars.

The Supreme Court struck down the ban on abortion in 1988, writing that it was unconstitutional because it violated a woman's right to life, liberty and security of the person.

Gregoire Trudeau seemed to take the criticism in stride, saying in a post Tuesday night, 'Well, now we're having a conversation!' Thanks to everyone for your feedback and pics! "This is about recognizing that we should be allies on this journey", she added.

In her post, she advocated the necessity to raise children equally in order to make changes.

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