Republican CNN contributor unloads on Steve King: 'Pathetic little racist'

Tomas Mccoy
March 14, 2017

King was insistent that his defense of Western Civilization was about values, not race. "And there's an American culture, an American civilization".

King's off-putting remarks are consistent with ones he's made in the past, including ones he made during a meeting with Wilder and Frauke Petry, chairwoman of the conservative anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany party previous year, the news site reported.

King was retweeting a "Voices of Europe" tweet, and was referencing Geert Wilders, a nationalist politician in the Netherlands who has built his career on harsh anti-Muslim rhetoric.

The Iowa Republican noted that it was far worse in Europe, but he warned that the country still needed to be mindful of its birth rate - and needed to do away with illegal immigration.

Shapiro said this comment proves that King is no white supremacist. "I'm a champion for Western civilization", he said.

In a weekend tweet that brought an internet firestorm, King declared: "Wilders understands that culture and demography are our destiny".

Representatives, community leaders and political commentators reacted to King's message, contending that multiculturalism was an essential part of American "civilization", with many using the hashtags #somebodyelsesbabies and #someoneelsesbabies.

"I meant exactly what I said", King said on CNN's "New Day".

A Republican congressman has been censured by his own party and labelled "an authentic Cro-Magnon" after he claimed the U.S. can not "restore our civilisation with somebody else's babies". "In doing so, you can grow your population and strengthen your culture, strengthen your way of life". "And Geert Wilders knows that and that's part of his campaign and part of his agenda".

King pauses, and Cuomo can't believe it.

"Quite honestly, I am exhausted of answering for Steve King when I'm in Washington, DC or anywhere else in the country".

Instead, King laid out a very different vision for his America.

'We've also aborted almost 60 million babies in this country since 1973, ' the pro-life congressman added.

"Cultural suicide by demographic transformation", as King likes to call immigration, is seemingly one of his favorite topics.

You can go through our archives and find dozens of offensive, stupid and frequently outright racist comments from King. The governor followed up and said they have to "look at the totality of the situation with each individual".

In 2010, King said Obama's policies "favor the black person". "A Muslim American; An Italian American; A Christian American; A Jewish American - you do realize, they are all equal".

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) has come under fire for saying that "Western civilization" contributed more to civilization than "any other subgroup of people", but it's far from his first time provoking controversy.

Not all reactions to King's tweet were negative.

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