Israel says it has foiled a Syrian missile threat

Kristopher Drake
March 21, 2017

Speaking on a Syrian TV channel, Bashar Ja'afari, the country's permanent representative at the United Nations, said that Israel's freedom to act in Syria's skies is over, referring to the claim that the Syrian army shot down an Israeli fighter jet last week.

"David's Sling comes in precisely at the seam between the Arrow and Iron Dome and is created to intercept more advanced and complex missiles", said an officer from the battalion that operates the system.

Israeli deployed its Arrow system Friday when Syria fired missiles at its jets on a mission to destroy a weapons convoy bound for Hezbollah. "The directives, the policy and the orders are very clear: neutralize and intercept any threat that endangers the residents of the State of Israel, and that's also what we did last week".

Then, on the evening of Sunday-Monday, Israel launched yet another attack into Syria - the third in three days, and the second in 24 hours.

Iranian-backed Hezbollah has been fighting inside Syria in support of President Bashar al-Assad against rebels.

Commenting again on last week's events, the Israeli military's chief of staff, Gen Gadi Eisenkot, referred to the airstrike on Sunday.

The Lebanese news service Al Mayadeen said the attack killed Yasser Hussein Asayeed, whom it described as a member of a militia aligned with the Syrian government.

At the same time, Putin has been cozying up with Israel and discreetly coordinating each others' security activities so as to avoid crossing one another in Syria. The Times reported that Defense Minister Lieberman said that any time they discover a transfer of military arms between Syria and Lebanon, they will do what it takes to stop them. Israel and Hezbollah fought a short, intense war in 2006, which was unexpectedly hard for Israeli forces due to the sophistication of Hezbollah's weaponry. Should Israel be allowed to intervene to prevent Hezbollah from being armed?

Nasrallah, however, said that Israel has been using "all kinds of excuses" throughout the war to intervene, and that what they are really afraid of is an ISIS defeat, because that would mean a Hezbollah victory.

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