Philly Mayor Fires Back At AG Jeff Sessions On Sanctuary Cities

Justin Greene
March 29, 2017

After a healthcare defeat, the Trump administration is cracking down on immigration as Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced sanctuary cities will be deprived of federal funds on Monday.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues the Trump Administration's tough talk against Sanctuary Cities.

Sessions did not offer many details on Monday, but did say complying with federal immigration laws will be a prerequisite to receiving Department of Justice (DOJ) grants.

Some of New Jersey largest cities - Newark, Jersey City and Camden - are sanctuary cities and could lose federal grants under the Trump administration.

Trump had said during the campaign that he would "defund" sanctuary cities by taking away their federal funding.

That list was compiled following an executive order Trump signed in January that called on the government to document which local jurisdictions aren't cooperating with federal efforts to find and deport immigrants in the country illegally.

Explaining part of the potential legal fight, Karson added, "Legal experts say the Constitution's 10th Amendment forbids the feds from "commandeering" state and local governments to enforce federal mandates".

Predictably, leftist leaders from these sanctuary cities and immigrant groups voiced their consternation and intent to rebel.

"If, in fact, Mr. Sessions decides to withhold monies from those cities that have declared, I believe there will be a big legal battle over that, and we'll be supportive of sanctuary cities", Mayor Jackson said. Detainers are notices sent from ICE to local law enforcement asking that an individual be held for an additional 48 hours beyond the time he or she would be released.

"We don't think its effective for us to make our residents fearful and chase them around with this threat of immigration enforcement", he said.

"It's unprecedented and unfortunate that the president has taken this route, choosing to spend his early term attacking the cities that drive our nation's economy and innovation", Gonzales said in a statement Monday.

"Such policies can not continue".

Some cities have adopted policies that feature refusal to detain known felons under federal detainer requests, Sessions said, citing a Department of Homeland Security report.

Sessions highlighted one Justice Department office that was anticipating doling out $4.1 billion in grants for this fiscal year.

The city, which has a contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, receives about $10,000 a year from the Justice Department to pay for supplemental law enforcement services administered by LASD.

Christie also has vowed to veto any measure that would use state dollars to reimburse sanctuary cities for lost federal funds.

"Chicago was built on the back of immigrants and our future is hitched to the wagon of immigrants who come to the city", he said. "I would plead with the people of Maryland to understand that this makes the State of Maryland more at risk for violence and crime - that it's not good policy".

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