Samsung's latest smartphone revealed

Phillip Butler
March 30, 2017

Like previous models, the S8 can be submerged for 30 minutes in up to 5 feet of water.

The Galaxy S8's most unique feature is the ability to provide desktop-capable computing when combined with Samsung's new DeX dock.

The Galaxy S8 will come in two sizes, both bigger than last year's models.

This comes after the smartphones were recalled twice a year ago after many reports surfaced that the phones were overheating and even catching fire. We typically see them in more expensive VR implementations, so the inclusion here is quite impressive. Those displays are both super-widescreen units that span nearly the entire front surface of the devices.

Does the S8 bring the wow?

"People want bigger phones", Selwyn said. DJ Koh, the head of Samsung's mobile division, opened the presentation by acknowledging that 2016 had been a hard yearfor the company.

Head of mobile product at Samsung gives us a sneak peek at the latest smartphone with artificial intelligence hardware and the largest screen yet. ".Today, we are here to celebrate a milestone, not just the launch of a new device, but the beginning of a new way to explore the world".

Obviously Samsung is far from the first person to try and bridge the gap between phones and desktops in this way, since Microsoft and Motorola attempted it in the past to limited success.

For the first time on a Samsung phone, the physical home button is removed entirely.

Inside, the Gear 360 is fully 4K video capable, with has dual 8.4 megapixel cameras of f/2.2 aperture lens size. Those are all expected when any company releases a new phone and may be enough to win back lapsed customers, but are certainly not iPhone killers. Samsung is using a new mirror-finish metal trim around the sides, rather than the brushed aluminum look.

Samsung added the Samsung Connect app, which helps your phone to control smart home devices.

The new headset works very similar to the existing version of the Gear VR, save for one key difference: Instead of an integrated touch pad, the new Gear VR uses an external handheld controller for in-VR navigation and gameplay.

Samsung Connect offers a single app to manage IoT devices. But along with the usual updates and specifications, the new smartphone will heavily feature Samsung's new Bixby virtual assistant.

"The Galaxy S8 is the most important phone for Samsung in a decade and every aspect will be under the microscope following the Note 7 recall", said Ben Wood, a veteran smartphone industry analyst with UK-based CCS Insight. It offers 83 percent more screen-to-body ratio.

"Samsung only has a window of opportunity of several months before the launch of the 10th anniversary iPhone", Husson said. As the company has completely redesigned the phone from the inside out, Samsung has embedded the home button under the edge-to-edge screen, where it stays hidden until you need it. Users will be getting a bigger, unobstructed view without a larger phone. Denison did address the safety issue saying that it went through a battery check that was "beyond industry standards".

Both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will be available for pre-order starting on March 30th. In the United States, these phones will come in black, gray, and silver bodies, with blue and gold available only internationally.

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