Blue Origin nears testing of the BE-4 rocket

Phillip Butler
March 31, 2017

The seats inside Blue Origin's New Shepard passenger capsule will be embossed with the feather from the company's logo. They are 42.7 inches tall, so each passenger will have a great view of space and Earth.

Jeff Bezos has revealed new images of a concept of a capsule that his rocket company, Blue Origin, plans to use to ferry adventurous tourists into space. The company intends to launch tourists into space inside the capsule.

Bezos has characterized Blue Origin's approach to spaceflight by the Latin motto "Gradatim ferociter", or "Step by step, boldly". True to form, the windows are large, especially to anyone who has flown in a commercial aviation aircraft.

"Every seat's a window seat", Bezos said.

Illustrations of the capsule do, in fact, show that if you had to opt for Blue Origin's space travel package, you would be in for a cushy ride.

Until now, the company did not release the price of such a trip, but a thing is for sure, they are going to start the trips in 2018.

As Blue Origin moves ever closer to the first human test flights of its system, expected later this year, Bezos this week released several images offering a glimpse of the kind of comfort paying passengers can expect to enjoy during their trip.

The first Blue Origin New Shepard rocket flew its fifth and most recent flight to suborbital space in October 2016.

The interior is starkly different from SpaceX's Dragon capsule whose sole objective was to send astronauts for exploration goal to space, but it recently announced that two tourists could also get seats on board the rocket.

There are six seats in total inside the pod, which will detach from the New Glenn rocket once it reaches low-Earth orbit.

The capsule mock-up and the New Shepard reusable booster will be on display at the 33rd Space Symposium in Colorado Springs on April 3-6, Bezos said.

Interior is in charcoal black, light gray and blue - seats seemed to be manufactured from leather or alcantara.

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