Sen. Lindsey Graham: House Freedom Caucus could be better 'teammates'

Justin Greene
March 31, 2017

Trump said the caucus would "hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don't get on the team" and said, "We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018!"

The tweet represented a bold strike against the most conservative members of the House GOP coalition, who often come from safe districts and are frequently impervious to pressure from party leaders.

Southwest Virginia Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-9th, is a member of the Freedom Caucus but backed the Trump healthcare bill.

Thomas Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch - a conservative legal advocacy group that successfully sued the Obama administration for the release of Hillary Clinton's State Department emails - made a pointed pitch for the release of all documents pertaining to the Russian Federation controversy, according to people who attended the session in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building adjacent to the White House.

Opposition by the Freedom Caucus helped stop the health plan put forward by Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan without a vote in the House, where the bill was expected to be killed. "Especially in a primary".

President Trump is threatening the conservative group that opposed him on health care, raising the specter of intraparty opposition in next year's midterm elections.

"I don't want us to become a factionalized majority", Ryan told reporters on Tuesday during his weekly news conference. "So I think a lot of good things are going to happen". Republican lawmakers still await key details on what Trump's priorities are in the monumental tax reform effort they want to launch.

Rep. Justin Amash, a Freedom Caucus member from MI, shot back immediately at Trump in remarks outside the U.S. Capitol. No shame, Mr. President.

Calls to members of the caucus were not immediately returned. Remember who your real friends are.

"'The president asked me to look you square in the eyes and to say that he hoped that you voted "no" on this bill so he could run [a primary challenger] against you in 2018, '" the lawmaker quoted Mulvaney as saying, according to the newspaper.

Thursday's tweet was the second time Trump accused them of helping Democrats.

Outside groups are promising to spend millions of dollars boosting President Donald Trump's agenda. Operatives on both sides of the GOP ideological divide have their doubts.

Because Trump faces unified opposition by Democratic lawmakers, he can not afford to lose many Republicans as he tries to get his legislative agenda through Congress, including healthcare, tax cuts and infrastructure spending. "Republicans who stand in the way of fulfilling those promises ought to be concerned about their political future". She decided over the weekend that she could better help Trump on the outside and said she was "excited" to continue pressing his agenda.

But the Freedom Caucus is a group that prides itself on maintaining ideological purity.

Rep. Barton says the health care fight was instructive since most Freedom Caucus members are relatively recent arrivals to Capitol Hill, having been elected in 2010 or later.

"The carrots work a lot better than sticks in the world of politics", Sanford said.

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