You can play 'Ms. Pac Man' on Google Maps

Phillip Butler
April 2, 2017

Once you press the button, your Map will turn into an arcade-style grid.

When accessing Ms. Pac-Man through the Android version of Maps, you are redirected to a random part of the world and interact with the game in that location.

In honor of April Fool's Day tomorrow, Google has rolled out a temporary new version of its Google Maps application for iOS and Android. We're not quite sure what the minimum is, but we imagine most of you will be able to load a game without issue. After you hit the directions icon the Ms. Pac-Man button on Google Maps go away. What are some of the other video games or gaming franchises that you would like to see Google work on as an Easter egg in the future?

In 2015, Google dropped an April Fools' Day joke by integrating Pac-Man into its Maps app.

Like previous years, Google has made a decision to follow the tradition on this year's April Fools' Day too. This became hugely popular and was later put back online just so people could keep playing it. It has a history of getting involved in fun and games, like last year's gag when the Street View "pegman" was dressed in disco attire. However, only desktop users will get to choose their location. It was twice as fast as Pac-Man and had much cooler "in-between level" skits. From there, you're in for your traditional Pac-man goodness! Because if you play out in a rural area, there's nowhere to hide from ghosts.

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