Google Search's Fact Check Label Rolls Out Everywhere

Randall Craig
April 8, 2017

Google is ready to roll out its fact check label to Google News editions worldwide after introducing the feature in October for the United States and the U.K. The label will also appear in searches in all languages that Google supports.

Google has also been taking steps and recently the company has announced that they will now be rolling out a new feature in its search engine that helps users identify stories that are fake.

The feature will not affect the order of search results as they appear and will not deem sites as untrustworthy that have not met the algorithm's "authoritative" label.

Fast Check was first materialized past year in October when Google announced they'd be testing it in selected countries.

As of now though, this information will not be available for every search that you make. Finally, the content must adhere to the general policies that apply to all structured data markup, the Google News Publisher criteria for fact checks, and the standards for accountability and transparency, readability or proper site representation as articulated in our Google News General Guidelines.

The company plans to reserve the label for search results about addressable public claims of fact, rather than opinion. Google makes it very clear that it has nothing to do with this process; it is simply contributing to giving users the ability to make informed decisions for themselves. The search results will include a snippet showing the source of the claim that is being fact-checked, the fact-check entity rating that claim, and the determination of the fact-checker.

Cong Yu from Google and Justin Kosslyn from fact-check partner Jigsaw said: "With thousands of new articles published online every minute of every day, the amount of content confronting people online can be overwhelming".

And even Google cautions that the 115 fact-check organizations may even come to different conclusions. Searching for topics flooded by fake news will now have a new tag in the top results card with fact checking done by third parties. At that point, Google's internal processes will "algorithmically determine" whether a site is an "authoritative source of information".

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