Protester gives OR mayor a Pepsi, and the response wasn't good

Tomas Mccoy
April 8, 2017

This guy wanted his own Pepsi moment.

Shortly after Pepsi pulled a controversial ad featuring Kendall Jenner, Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler found himself starring in a similar but momentarily scary situation during a city council meeting.

After introducing himself, the man says: 'I have just recently moved here and i have to say I'm very surprised at, like, how there's so many people that get mad at you and yell at you, and I'm sure that has happened in the past when I've covered city council, but not almost as frequently as it has here'.

A man who identified himself as Carlos Enriquez appeared before city council in Portland, Mass. Wednesday to comment on months of protests over the city's treatment of the homeless and the fatal police shooting of 17-year-old Quanice Derrick Hayes, who officers claim was carrying a "realistic-looking firearm". "So this is for you". Enrique was testifying on the issue but when he started to go off on a tangent, Mayor Wheeler interrupted him, and that's when Enrique stood up, approached the mayor, reached into his jacket pocket and clearly startled everyone present.

"Woah, woah, not a good move, not a smart move".

Wheeler held up his hand and said, "Whoa, whoa, whoa". Thank you. I do appreciate it, but don't do that again.

He then chuckled and said, "Please folks, do not do that". Security rushes and takes Enrique away - but not before he opens up another Pepsi.

When the Portland, OR, city council convened on April 5, they probably didn't expect a protester to come "armed" with a Pepsi.

Local news outlet Oregon Live reported that meetings of the council were the scene of many acts of protests recently.

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