Apple's new app subtitles you as you speak and it's effortlessly brilliant

Phillip Butler
April 9, 2017

When Apple announced that it would be rolling out Clips, a cheeky video-editing app, we were skeptical.

Just in case you're hearing about Clips for the first time, this is a new app launched by app that allows users to make edits to their videos and upload them onto various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Clips has been obviously inspired by Snapchat, Instagram, and even Vine - all mobile apps that helped fuel stylised video-sharing. According to Tech Crunch, the software has the same photo capture screen like the one found in other similar applications: Snapchat and Instagram stories - to name a couple.

Clips are added to a basic timeline, at the bottom of the screen. Fans will be able to create a full total clip duration of 60 minutes - with 30 minutes as the maximum duration for a single video added on the timeline. This is flawless for scrolling through Facebook's auto-playing News Feed, but also improves accessibility, making videos easy to watch for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

"Adding content is simple and quick".

Clips also has several Fun Effects users can take advantage of. You can even add text to compliment your video and you add it by simply speaking what you want it to say.

Apple Clips is be a free to download and use for iOS users.

As previously alluded to, there are different types of clips that can be added to a video, including photos.

It appears Apple is taking the same approach, only right now it's limited to the Clips app and Messages. These soundtracks adjust automatically to the length of the video.

For instance, when I tap on the share button in Chrome, a grid of apps is populated, with a series of conversation shortcuts based on who I was recently talking to and in which app. Then they want you to share it with the world.

But there's one big difference in Clips, available now on iPhones and iPads running version 10.3 and later.

The aspect which makes Clips different from other apps is its Live Titles feature. You should see your spoken text automatically appear in frame.

There are 12 posters you can add to a clip; you just have to double-tap on their text in order to edit it. It will come with various filters and fun effects which we can only imagine is Apple's answer to apps like Snapchat or Instagram. Clips is created to be a quick-fire video editor for those who want to avoid the time constraints and detail that iMovie offers as an editing suite.

There are 12 Title Cards to choose from, and each can be previewed by using a 3D Touch gesture on the card you're interested in using. However, if the user wants to indulge in considerable edits of their videos, then it may take some time.

The stickers work exactly as stickers do in Snapchat - you can plop them right there on top of a video and move them around or resize them - but there are more options than just emojis.

Instead of having to hold the Hold To Record button for the duration of your clip, you can long press and slide left to lock the record button.

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