West Virginia Legislature Approves Medical Marijuana Bill

Toni Houston
April 10, 2017

The list of legal marijuana states is continuing to grow after a measure aiming to legalize medical cannabis in West Virginia was passed by the House of Delegates.

Funding would include settlements of lawsuits that accused wholesale drug distributors of flooding the state with prescription pain pills.

"There is almost universal support for legalizing medical marijuana in the USA, and it spans the political spectrum", Simon said. Recent Legislatures have taken more than $400 million out of the fund in recent years to balance state budgets, including taking $70 million to balance the 2016-17 budget.

Earlier that day, Carmichael said House and Senate leadership were working through a $180 million gap between both chambers' budgets and they were looking at splitting the difference.

He proposed increasing the gasoline tax by 4.5 cents a gallon and raising some Department of Motor Vehicle fees and expressway tolls to support bonds issued over four years. "Republicans had 60 days to finish budget".

The release says Justice made an announcement about the veto at Independence Hall in Wheeling. He said he has received a lot of letters from parents of children with epilepsy and other constituents who have been forced to go to other states to seek relief for their conditions.

It also provides a pathway to eliminating the state's income tax, according to Justice. It also didn't make cuts to higher education or to secondary school education, while providing a pay raise for teachers. It would have raised the state sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent, added a corporate revenues tax of 0.00045 percent and in 2018 establish new income tax tiers cutting the current rate 20 percent, he said.

He said it expands his total cuts to about $50 million. Justice said the basis of the right to work legislation was being adjudicated in Kanawha County.

The majority in Charleston has continued to support the medical marijuana bill, but amendments have been adopted to prohibit the smoking of cannabis and put big pharma in charge of much of the processing and distribution, according to Delegate Jason Barrett, D-Berkeley.

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