Microsoft Teams app updated with Bug fixes and Improvements

Phillip Butler
April 11, 2017

Does having to read instructions and work on the keyboard, mouse kind of activities bore you?

Coming so soon after the Creators Update, precious little is visibly different in the new build. In that click on Recovery tab, present in "Reset this PC" section.

However, as we have seen in past, digital assistants can also prove to be frustrating when they fail to recognise and interpret user's voice correctly.

While the new version will be available for millions of devices around the world, there's still one big question to be answered: Will you get the Windows 10 Creators Update on April 11? It's possible, but you'll need to take some extra steps first.

Microsoft has revealed that Cortana will be helping out everyone to not only install their Windows 10 systems but will also help users configure a number of things on their PC using just voice commands.

Microsoft will slowly roll out this update to prevent Windows 10 Creators Update problems from harming too many PCs.

But, if you want Cortana's guidance and help a good deal of the time during the setup process, it's there. Any questions will be answered, and the further process will be instructed.

The Program has been created to better support business users and IT professionals who are part of the Insider community.

The Cortana will help you setting up the Wi-Fi connections, sign into the Microsoft account all with voice assistance. There are security and privacy enhancers included in the new OS.

Windows 10 also collects data on app use and the duration of the use, along with user settings, device name, update status and app store update settings - and accesses device network information such as IP address types, hotspot detection, and whether it uses a hashed IP address. For example, one of the most appreciated additions is the 3D mode in Paint, which lets you draw 2D objects and then export them in 3D.

For the first time, along with the updates to its operating system, Microsoft has published a complete list of the diagnostic data it collects. If all you wanted to do was use a Vista machine to do some word-processing or spreadsheet work, for example, you could continue using the machine safely as long as it's not connected to the internet.

Now that Microsoft introduced the Cortana into the desktop, it will offer the company with an edge over other smart assistants like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Siri, because these are exclusively focused on home appliances.

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