'Only Time Will Tell' on Improving US-China Trade

Kristopher Drake
April 12, 2017

But the two sides avoided any diplomatic gaffes at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida that would have tarnished the meeting in the eyes of the protocol-conscious Chinese.

"Any use of force or pre-emptive strikes against North Korea will carry huge ramifications, which would probably lead to a drastically different outcome compared to Syria", Wang said.

"There's always a transformation that takes place from a person who wins the presidency, and then once he assumes office he necessarily sees the world from a different perspective", said Edward Djerejian, a former USA ambassador to Syria and Israel who now directs Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy.

He did not elaborate on the progress or the problems.

He said that the two sides agreed to increase cooperation and work with the worldwide community to convince North Korea to peacefully resolve the issue and abandon its illicit weapons programs.

Xi said the delegations covered important topics and have established a good friendship and working relationship. Despite the use of chemical weapons in 2013, described as one of the worst chemical attacks in the last half century, the us and its main ally the United Kingdom chose not to conduct a military intervention, though they launched another one on Daesh, building an global coalition to do so.

The official Saudi Press Agency reported that King Salman complimented Trump in a telephone conversation for his "courageous decision".

Tillerson said Trump and Xi noted the urgency of the threat of North Korea's weapons program and that they reaffirmed their commitment to a denuclearization of the divided Korean Peninsula.

In late March, the President signed two executive orders aimed at combating foreign trade abuses that contribute to the United States' half-trillion-dollar trade deficit.

Military options against North Korea are much riskier than those against Syria. It has conducted five nuclear tests - two since the beginning of previous year - and scores of missile tests.

In his first televised interview, H.R. McMaster pointed to dual USA goals of defeating the Islamic State group and removing Assad.

As with trade, it is likely that China will ably split the difference on the North Korean issue by constricting Pyongyang's financial lifeline, but fall short of completely suffocating the regime.

U.S. fires tomahawk missiles at Syria. Trump, who arrived from Washington later, greeted Xi in an arrival ceremony at front steps of the estate. The attack against a Syrian air base was the first USA assault against the government of President Bashar Assad.

China long has objected to the idea of unilateral USA military action in Syria, saying it prefers a multilateral approach, although over the course of six brutal years of war it has repeatedly used its veto power to vote with Russian Federation against U.N. Security Council resolutions on Syria.

Though the administration last month said removing Assad was not a top priority, some key figures on Sunday telegraphed their renewed support for removing the Syrian president.

However, the White House has not confirmed the report.

Mr Trump said he believes he made "tremendous progress" in the US-China relationship during talks with Mr Xi.

"No child of God should ever suffer such horror", Trump said emotionally Thursday night after he ordered a cruise missile attack on a Syrian airfield in response to a poison gas bomb that killed dozens of civilians, including children, and left dozens more writhing in pain. But they offered no details about how they planned to achieve that.

The official China Daily newspaper said it was encouraging to see the two-day summit that ended on Friday "going as well as it could" after earlier "confusing signals" from Washington about how it was approaching the U.S.

As the two presidents went into their final lunch there were no specifics though, and in the aftermath of the US missile strike on Syria, all the big questions which bedevil the US China relationship have been kicked down the road for President Trump's visit to China later this year.

USA security concerns with China also focus on Beijing's expansive territorial claims in the strategic South China Sea.

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