Did Jadis Choose the Wrong Side on 'The Walking Dead?'

Tomas Mccoy
April 13, 2017

Even though Sasha is gone, season 7 will go down as the most disappointing and weakest of The Walking Dead yet. But just in time, Ezekiel's tiger shows up and mauls a savior just behind Negan.

Maggie Maggie has been quietly taking control of the Hilltop (whether she realized it or not) for a while, and now it would seem that Rick is leaning heavily upon her in hopes that someone else will take over. But they haven't pledged their loyalty. So when if it came down to it, would Negan protect Jadis and her people? But in the much-anticipated season finale, the crafty Negan and his duped followers double-crossed Rick, and Negan was ready to make Rick suffer. Those types of speeches are usually reserved for Rick, aren't they? The actress nonetheless prepared for the inevitable and wrapped her head around the story. The twist began when Alexandria agreed to enter the coffin with the objective of pushing Rick towards getting into a compromise with Negan. Then, when Negan opened the casket to reveal her to the assembled Alexandrians, Zombie Sasha popped out and tackled him to the ground. Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) wanted her to join the Saviors, but she felt she couldn't betray her friends. Jesus carefully grabs Sasha and brings her to the ground, which is when Maggie pulls out her knife through tears and puts Sasha out for good. So why would she choose Negan over Rick? He says he wants to help Rick and the gang so he sets up some roadblocks to slow Negan down but I'm still not sure if I can believe him. But what song was Sasha listening to on The Walking Dead? It started with both of you, and it just grew.

"The Walking Dead" pulled off a spin-off and created a new Sasha character as Holly's death already occur in episode five of season two in the show.

Really driving home the hyperbole on "The Talking Dead" on Sunday, series showrunner Scott Gimple teased what's to come after Negan declared all out war on Rick and his army of survivors.

Of course, Walking Dead fans have to wonder what will happen to Negan.

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