EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt: 'War On Coal Is Done'

Phillip Butler
April 14, 2017

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt did just that Thursday afternoon, speaking to a few dozen miners at the Harvey Mine portal near Sycamore before donning a miner's hard hat and venturing underground for a tour of the facility deep below the Greene County landscape.

The group also said the rule would cause regulatory burdens, forcing plant closures.

Jackson spearheaded the agency's crackdown on carbon dioxide emissions by declaring that the greenhouse gas endangered public health, giving the EPA the authority to regulate CO2 emissions from mobile and stationary sources. In 2016, Consol Energy was fined $3 million, as part of a settlement agreement with the EPA and the U.S. Department of Justice, for violating the Clean Water Act by discharging contaminated mine wastewater from the Bailey Mine Complex into tributaries of the Ohio River. We are already seeing more flooding, forest fires, heat-related deaths, crop failures, climate refugees, etc.

"The EPA is acting promptly to issue an administrative stay of the compliance dates in the rule that have not yet passed pending judicial review", Pruitt wrote regarding an EPA regulation on liquid waste from coal plants. "Any new RMP requirements should be developed in accordance with the explicit mandate granted to EPA by Congress".

While the EPA isn't required until later this year to identify which regions of the USA meet the standards and which don't, the Obama-era ozone standards are already factored into Clean Air Act permits granted to industrial facilities.

Pruitt added, "Moving forward, EPA will be listening to those directly impacted by regulations, and learning ways we can work together with our state and local partners, to ensure that we can provide clean air, land, and water to Americans".

The administration is beholden to the fossil fuel industry, and protecting public health is unimportant to them. "It is in the public's best interest to reconsider the rule and assess the wide-ranging and sweeping objections that the agency received", said Administrator Pruitt.

The most violent episodes involving members of the cabinet occurred when former vice president Aaron Burr killed former treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton in a duel in 1804, and when Abraham Lincoln's secretary of state, William Seward, was attacked in his home on the same night Lincoln was killed in 1865.

The EPA declined to comment on whether it was still working to complete the designations process as scheduled.

According to EPA, different petitioners have raised objections to the amendments.

Woods told Bloomberg BNA that state agencies were expecting various kinds of assistance from the EPA over the next year to help them implement the standards and meet their statutory planning deadlines. "Almost 140 million live in areas non-compliant with respect to air quality".

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