South African opposition marks Zuma's birthday with protest

Kristopher Drake
April 15, 2017

They are supported by civil society, religious leaders, and some unions.

Zuma said that "even if you cough the opposition will find something wrong". I saw Zuma as "Despicable Me". Anybody who violates the constitution should not be in charge or leading people in South Africa.

South African retail sales slumped for a second consecutive month in February, data showed on Wednesday, as cash-strapped consumers cut back on large purchases in an economy on the brink of a recession. "We can not say we are ousting a rogue president but engage in hooliganism". 2019, we'll see what happens. In a statement, his office said his birthday wish is to "see more progress being made in building a better life for the poor and the working class". The DA is the most popular opposition party in South Africa.

We have to fight poverty, we have to fight hunger, we have to educate people, we have to fight for the rights of the people who can not fight for themselves.

Still, SA remains at risk of further downgrades and the political situation is far from stable.

He did, however, offer a silver lining for potential visitors to South Africa. They feel that the ANC NEC should also resign with Zuma because it had also failed to discipline him, and that hopefully the Integrity Commission's determination will be respected by both the ANC NEC and Zuma.

"Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa is wrong".

"I don't think this is a party thing, it is a governance issue". Zuma is making [matters] worse; at least it's uniting us. "I mean now, today on his birthday", she said. "He only cares about himself, his family and the people close to him". As opposition they must oppose what others are doing. "We know the arrogant ANC will not want to listen to this but this will grow". Thank you for leading a fairly young cabinet of people with the will to take the country forward.

On 5 September 2016, Sasabona Manganye and Gugu Ndima led about 100 members of the ANC to stage a sit-in at Luthuli House, the party's headquarters. But if we are one nation, we can have one political party that will be leading us all, then that will never divide us.

Responding to the number of people that turned out for Wednesday's march, Zuma said: "It was just a normal gathering of opposition parties". We still fight racism, we still fight rape, we still fight oppression of women, those are struggles.

"We get our welfare payouts in time". Zuma only became president since the 2000s.

Zuma's cabinet reshuffle exposed the deep cracks in the ANC, which has governed virtually unchallenged in South Africa since the end of the apartheid system of white minority rule and racial segregation in 1994. He was responding to Malema's earlier remarks that there was no memorandum because Zuma couldn't read.

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