It's a boy! Zoo confirms April the giraffe's calf is a male

Tomas Mccoy
April 17, 2017

For now, Adventure Park is waiting to announce the sex of their baby giraffe.

The privately owned zoo began livestreaming from April's enclosure in February and people around the world have been tuning in daily.

April became internet famous when her pregnancy was live-streamed by the zoo, which is located in rural New York, three hours northwest of New York City. Fans have kept up with her for weeks as she anticipated the birth of her fourth calf. Jordan Patch, owner of the Animal Adventure Park, blamed "a handful of extremists and animal rights activists" for the interruption. He's yet to be named, although April's home park, Animal Adventure, is reportedly putting together a GoFundMe account where people can vote for $1 a pop.

Animal Adventure Park, where April lives, later revealed on Instagram the baby giraffe is a boy.

Its father is Oliver, a five-year-old giraffe kept in the same petting zoo. April has her own website and even a clothing line.

Patch said April will naturally raise her baby, which is expected to be with Animal Adventure for at least the 2017 season as weaning can take up to 14 months, he said. The money will be used for the care of the animals.

While the calf's weight is now unknown, zoo officials said they weigh around 150 pounds and are about 6-feet tall at birth. Giraffes are pregnant for 15 months on average.

The top ten names will then be picked, and a second contest will follow. According to KYMX News, when Mazuri's contract expired, Animal Adventure Park was scrambling to find a new sponsor.

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