North Korea 'ready for nuclear attack' amid show of force

Kristopher Drake
April 19, 2017

Choe vowed that North Korea will "beat down enemies with the power of nuclear justice".

Korean People's Army soldiers gather at the North's capital. Amid rising regional tensions, Pyongyang residents have been preparing for North Korea's most important.

Military planes flew in formation, creating the number "105" above Kim Il Sung Square.

North Korea's vice foreign minister said the country's rumored next nuclear test would take place any time the leadership decides.

For outside military analysts, though, the highlight is the weaponry that the North puts on display.

"As I said, Trump is always using aggressive words - it is the U.S. that is threatening us".

North Korea displayed new missiles during a military parade to celebrate the 105th birthday anniversary of Kim Il Sung on Saturday.

In a separate appearance on the Fox Business Network, Trump said that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was "doing the wrong thing".

Schmerler said that the large "frankenmissiles" could potentially be North Korea's first capable of reaching the continental U.S.

A US Navy attack on a Syrian airfield this month with Tomahawk missiles raised questions about US President Donald Trump's plans for North Korea, which has conducted several missile and nuclear tests in defiance of UN sanctions, regularly threatening to destroy the United States.

A U.S. attack on a Syrian airfield this month raised questions about President Donald Trump's plans for reclusive North Korea, which has conducted several missile and nuclear tests in defiance of United Nations and unilateral sanctions.

Kim did not deliver a message at Kim Il Sung Square, where the event was held, but Choe Ryong-hae, vice chairman of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea, said in defiant speech that the North was "prepared to respond to an all-out war" and use its nuclear weapons.

The country's hereditary leader Kim Jong-un, wearing a black suit and white shirt and a tie, welcomed his country's bravest as he addressed thousands of soldiers who took part in the parade honoring his grandfather.

It suggests Pyongyang has been working towards a "new concept" of ICBM, said Melissa Hanham, a senior research associate at the US-based Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, California.

North Korea was widely expected to conduct its sixth nuclear test, which did not occur.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un waves during the Saturday military parade.

The parade may feature some of the country's most valuable military hardware, such as its prototype intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The North also showed off various other ballistic missiles including what it claims to be a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM).

Kim emphasizes nuclear weapons as the foundation of his national defense strategy.

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