Poll Finds Donald Trump's Support Inching Up to 50 Percent

Kristopher Drake
April 19, 2017

That sentiment has dropped especially among women.

The decline came across the political spectrum, although it was more stark with Democrats (37 percent down to 16 percent) and Independents (59 percent down to 43 percent), who respectively had 21- and 16-point declines in whether they believe Trump keeps his promises.

The findings aligned with a recent Pew Research Center poll that showed the percentage of Republicans that viewed the economy as in good standing jumped from 31% in early 2016 to 61% in March.

While Trump's poll numbers appear to continue their downward trajectory ever since he was sworn into office, the media-critiquing president might find solace in an Emerson University poll that found he was still more trustworthy than the media. Among various age groups, confidence in Trump is highest - 52 percent - among those 55 and older and lowest - 34 percent - among those 18-34 years old.

Can bring about changes this country needs - 46 percent in April vs. 53 percent in February. Just 36 percent see him as "honest and trustworthy", compared with 42 percent in February.

More than 60 percent of Americans say corporations and the rich are paying too little in federal taxes, a Gallup poll reveals.

Only 45% of Americans think Trump keeps his promises, a 17-point drop from the 62% who thought so in a similar Gallup survey in February.

The first 88 days of Trump's presidency have seen a string of controversies without any major legislative victories, capped off by Republican lawmakers' failure to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

In the same interview, published last Wednesday, Trump said he supported the Export-Import Bank, the credit agency he'd called "unnecessary" and "excess baggage" back in 2015. Also on Wednesday, during a news conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, he said the trans-Atlantic alliance was "no longer obsolete", reversing a stance from the campaign and even after the election.

The survey comes as the White House is planning to undertake a substantive tax reform effort, with President Trump seeking to encourage job growth and investment.

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