Katy Perry Accused of Cultural Appropriation

Toni Houston
April 22, 2017

Another one wrote: "She doesn't even know the story behind this picture, shame on Indians who are supporting this disgust Katy Perry did".

Kali Ma is known in the Hindu religion as the goddess of creation, preservation and destruction, often referred to as "Dark Mother" for her role as a destroyer of evil forces.

American singer Katy Perry became a victim of online trolls when she posted an image of Indian Goddess Kali on social media to depict her "current mood".

Perry's post not only generated criticism towards herself, but also ignited a massive debate among Indians and Katy Perry fans who exchanged fiery remarks against each other. It was just a light-hearted joke with no intentions whatsoever to offend you.

One more said: "Are you serious?"

"Maa Kali is a symbol of power and unapologetic attitude".

Quickly, she was called out by fans for "cultural misappropriation" of a sacred icon, and was asked to take it down. Although some hit out at the musician, others tried to explain the image's significance in Hindu religious iconography in the hope she would remove the image and apologise.

Perry was raised in a conservative Christian household but has previously said she is not Christian.

Katy Perry has invited the wrath of Indians.

Perry recently released her latest single "Chained To the Rhythm" back in February, which she performed live at the BRIT Awards for the first time later that month.

Perry has been accused in the past of appropriating the Hindu religion, marrying her ex-husband Russell Brand in a private Hindu ceremony in an Indian national park in Rajasthan in 2010.

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