India plans to tag millions of cows to curb smuggling

Phillip Butler
April 25, 2017

The Modi government's suggestion to the apex court was part of a report on cow protection and smuggling of cattle across the India-Bangladesh border.

During the hearing, the Solicitor General, appearing for Centre, informed the court that the government has considered recommendations of the committee and the court may now pass directions based on them to states as the issue fell in the state-list of the Constitution. The committee further said special care should be given to cattle beyond the age of milking.

It has recommended that states set up Kanji Houses/ Pinjrapoles with a minimum capacity of 500 cattle each in every district to ensure that rescued/ abandoned animals are adequately cared. This will help reduce the smuggling of abandoned animals.

Buoyed by the success of unique identification number for humans, the Centre has chose to create a similar UID for cows. This may be made mandatory for all cows and their progeny throughout India for all cattle that is owned.

Calling for a uniform law for cow preservation and protection in India, the committee has also proposed restrictions on "private inter-state trade/ transportation of cattle" and said that "only government agencies may be allowed inter-state trade/ transportation".

"Each animal will have a unique number that will have details like age, breed, sex, height, colour, horn type and special marks", a senior officer from India's home ministry that prepared the recommendations told AFP. "Existing shelter homes lack facility and human resources", it stated.

Almost 100,000 technicians have been armed with 50,000 tablets, the report said.

The technicians will place polyurethane tag inside the ears of cows with tag applicator.

These tags cost Rs 8 apiece and are light weighted.

The tag would allow technicians to use a tablet to maintain an online database of Unique Identification numbers for cows.

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