After GOP Forces Runoff for Georgia House Seat, Trump Says Dems 'Failing'

Justin Greene
May 1, 2017

Before Price held the seat it was former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's, who at one point was the only Republican in the state's House delegation.

Democrat Jon Ossoff, a 30-year-old former congressional staffer, fell a few percentage points shy of an outright victory amid an 18-candidate scramble in Georgia's 6th Congressional District.

With just two candidates in the race, Republicans are vowing to close ranks behind Handel's candidacy. Price, now the president's Health and Human Services secretary, was re-elected with almost 62 percent of the vote in 2016.

Both candidates received significant amounts of money for their campaigns, with Ossoff raising around $8 million and Handel about $1.6 million.

While Ossoff declared "a victory for the ages", President Trump claimed a win for Republicans, who combined to win 50.5 percent of the votes.

Spicer noted that the reason why President Donald Trump won was the Republican Party had already made significant headway with the shifting demographics of the country.

Trump jumped into the race in its final days with attacks on Twitter poking fun at Ossoff for not living in his own district and for attracting support from Hollywood celebrities. They said that their goal was to get over 50%.

Most political analysts viewed Handel as the Republican frontrunner due to her experience as a Georgia Secretary of State and name recognition derived from her unsuccessful bid for governor in 2010.

Pete Korman, 6th District voter, said national enthusiasm for Ossoff has been frustrating to watch, but he thinks Handel will win voters in the 6th.

He issued a statement after the results were announced: "No matter what the outcome is tonight, whether we take it all or we fight on, we have defied the odds, we have shattered expectations".

Donald Trump will probably help answer that last question if he gives Ossoff voters, donors, and volunteers fresh reason for outrage by gloating over his failure to win a majority in the first round.

"The racial demographics are a little bit different, and actually some of the income demographics", she says.

The Ossoff campaign was greatly hoping to avoid the runoff as Georgia's 6th district has been a GOP stronghold for generations, and with a crowded Republican field, Ossoff hoped to benefit from the fractured Republican block.

"This race is absolutely and entirely a referendum on President Trump", said one Republican consultant granted anonymity to speak candidly about the contest.

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