Overwhelming Percent of Trump Voters Still Support Him

Justin Greene
May 1, 2017

They showed a willingness to trust the president nearly implicitly, saw him as a tireless worker, and appreciated his efforts to secure the border and curb immigration.

HW Brands, a history professor at the University of Texas at Austin, said Mr Trump is learning that "the world is the way it is for a whole bunch of complicated reasons". In fact many of them have told us this is what I voted for. I thought it was more of a.

There's an element of surprise in Trump's comments, a hint of bafflement that having responsibility for the welfare of 320 million people entwined in a global economy and worldwide relationships might end up being trickier than running a real estate and branding shop from midtown Manhattan.

Not surprisingly, public opinion on Trump is defined by partisanship.

Less than two weeks after a Gallup survey discovered a 17-point drop in the number of Americans who believe President Donald Trump keeps his promises, a new poll reveals that Trump has the lowest approval rating of any president at their 100-day mark since the start of the survey. Polling from The Post and ABC News shows that views of Trump as unqualified dominated throughout the campaign.

The less obvious perspective is that Trump's job approval rating is high given how unpopular he was on Inauguration Day and the turmoil, scandal, policy defeats and lack of legislative accomplishment since he took office.

Recall last year's Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, when Trump was oblivious to the responsibilities of the job he was campaigning for, and positioned himself as the cure for a troubled country. A much greater number of Republicans were willing to call Clinton more qualified than Democrats were Trump. The only demographic group in the country that gives Trump an overall positive grade is white voters with no college education.

Put simply: The majority of Americans didn't think Trump was ready to be president of the United States. Trump handed out maps tracking the results of the Republican's triumphs to each of the three Reuters reporters.

One hundred days are just a fraction of a president's tenure, and no president has quite matched the achievements of Franklin D Roosevelt, who set the standard by which all are now judged. "It's pretty good, right?"

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