Kan. police officer lauded for saving boy from pond, tells the story

Justin Greene
May 4, 2017

Officer Aaron Bulmer rescued the boy, Elijah Hamby, from a Central Park pond Sunday.

Bulmer would later find out that the boy was 4 years old and had autism.

Police also said it's worth noting - many autistic children are drawn to water. At nearly exactly the same time the child fell into the water, Bulmer's cruiser approached and he witnessed the boy flailing around in the pond.

Bulmer later discovered the boy has autism and apparently had walked to the park from his parents' home about two blocks away. You can see the child bobbing in the water when Bulmer quickly jumps in and saves the boy.

The young boy was reunited with a parent, who had been out searching for him at the time, at a nearby hospital. The boy was not injured. "He allowed me to be in the right place at the right time".

"He is a very intellectual child, but as far as social interactions and dangers - I don't think he's fully able to comprehend the dangers (of the pond)", Hamby said. "That's really been hitting me today - that God put me in that situation".

U.S. police are hailing an officer who jumped into a pond to save a drowning autistic child.

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