Prosecutors allege Soules attempted to "obfuscate" alcohol facts in fatal crash

Tammy Harvey
May 4, 2017

More details surrounding "The Bachelor" alum Chris Soules' fatal auto crash are being revealed in new court documents, obtained by "Extra".

In court documents filed Monday and obtained by the Daily News, prosecutors said the former "Bachelor" star was seen at the convenience store purchasing bottles of booze. Prosecutors are also reportedly arguing that Soules was not in compliance with the law since he allegedly did not "immediately return to the scene of the accident or inform the law enforcement authorities where he could be located".

In court documents filed on Tuesday, the Buchanan County Attorney's Office called the motion by Soules' lawyers to dismiss the felony charge "premature" and revealed open alcoholic beverages discovered in and around Soules' pickup truck after the crash last week were purchased "shortly before the accident, "The Des Moines Register reported".

But in his response to Soules' attorneys' motion, Buchanan County attorney Shawn M. Harden claimed that Soules did "did attempt to obfuscate the immediate facts and circumstances surrounding the incident, including his level of intoxication and an explanation of the empty and partially consumed open alcoholic beverages located in and around his vehicle".

Chris Soules' rep slammed "false and misleading" reports surrounding the Bachelor album's April 24 auto accident in a new statement to Us Weekly.

Chris Soules was involved in an accident Monday evening (April 24) in a rural part of Iowa near his home.

Chris was not charged with DUI following the accident, but prosecutors have a solid reason for that: since Chris fled that scene, his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of the crash will never be known.

According to Soules' team, he fulfilled his legal obligation by calling 911 after the crash. They say he waited until emergency personnel were on the scene before leaving.

"The evidence will further show that emergency responders arrived on the scene shortly after Mr. Soules concluded his 911 call".

Soules is due for his first hearing in Buchanan County Court May 9.

Soules is now free on a $10,000 bond.

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