Microsoft Reveals Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S to Be Education Systems

Randall Craig
May 9, 2017

On Tuesday Microsoft announced a new version of Windows 10, called Windows 10 S, that can only install and run applications through the Windows Store. It weighs 1.35Kg, that is slightly heavier than the Surface Laptop. That's because the Surface Laptop features the same fabric-lined keyboard as the one in the Surface Pro 4.

There's a new machine on the block and it goes by the name of Surface Laptop.

Microsoft makes excellent hardware, some of it very cheap and durable. The laptop also has a 360 degree hinge, and comes with a stylus as well.

This new device is a beautifully chiseled piece of aluminium that weighs just 1.3kg, flawless for undergrads to lug it around campus, and with its 14.5 hours of battery life, is guaranteed to last a full day of classes and lectures.

Microsoft noted during the NY showcase that its new OS will differ from the standard Windows 10 Pro experience by restricting downloadable apps to those verified by and sourced from the Windows Store. It will run only software downloaded from the Windows Store, a limitation that Microsoft touts as a security benefit.

Microsoft launched their digital bookstore last month and many people are wondered how they managed to populate it with 50,000 titles so quickly. But it's expensive, starting at $1500, putting it out of reach for most consumers and especially students. Personally, I think schools and parents should seriously consider Windows 10S laptops from Microsoft's partners as a low-priced way to equip students with machines that can run a vast amount of software. Windows 10 S also won't let you change your search engine away from Google, a boon to Microsoft's Bing. When Microsoft tried this a few years back with Windows RT on the Surface tablet, it failed miserably due to a lack of apps.

- The 11.6-inch display makes it portable and idea for both 1:1 programs as well as labs/carts. Our team of highly certified expert engineers and consultants can assess your present and future needs with a custom designed infrastructure with best-in-class solutions that meet your requirements and budget. Dell and Asus are also set to launch their own education laptops in the USA market soon.

The $999 version of the Surface Laptop might have an easier time against the MacBook these days.

Microsoft has guaranteed that the new Surface Laptop looks and feels as premium as it can. And remember that there are Chromebooks made by OEMs which cost even less.

Experts said the move was meant to help Microsoft compete with Google in the schools market.

The Surface Laptop is available now in the USA and prices start from US$999, and in four colours - Platinum, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, and Graphite Gold.

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