Stephen Colbert Talks About Trump, Bill O'Reilly

Tomas Mccoy
May 12, 2017

Stephen Colbert has, like other late-night comedy show hosts, enjoyed a ratings boost in the wake of Donald Trump becoming president. It's a insane situation, and one that Stephen Colbert, James Corden and Jimmy Kimmel have been making light of. Now, Jon had a serious ax to grind over how he's seen comedians, like Stephen, treated after they diss President Donald Trump, 70. "You have to be really nice to them all day", Bee said. I can't tell you how awesome it is to have all these people in the same room!

Stephen Colbert took over as host, executive producer and writer of THE LATE SHOW on September 8, 2015.

Colbert, who joined The Daily Show as a correspondent in 1997, famously went on to host The Colbert Report before taking over David Letterman's spot as the host of the venerable late-night mainstay.

The remarks gave rise to a #FireColbert campaign online and triggered an investigation by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), an independent agency that regulates interstate communications via radio, TV, cable, etc. "I mean, this guy does something ridiculous at least once a month. It's the difference between insult and injury", Stewart concluded. "Like, if I go to the store to get something, it's not like, 'Oh my god, bread!' Here, you come out and there's a sort of response and affirmation that you don't necessarily get among sheep and goats". He noted that he started at the Daily Show in 1997, two years before Stewart became host.

"It's like Beyoncé leaving Destiny's Child", Helms said. Colbert said of Trump mentioning the FBI's investigation of the Trump campaign's potential ties to Russian Federation during the 2016 presidential election. "We're never going to hear from her again".

"I've looked at the Comedy Central website, and I think they've burned all the tapes".

During his monologue, Colbert talked about the then-breaking news that Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey, and all things Trump/Russia/Flynn.

"This arrangement we have right now is exactly something we would have made fun of on 'The Daily Show, '" Colbert said as the stars took their places on the sofa.

There was also a short cold open in which Stewart and Colbert were interns working for Trevor Noah (who, like Trump, also has his own Coke button). "While I greatly appreciate that I'm an wonderful lover, I'm leaving you for a younger woman on the advice of the Department of Justice".

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