Microsoft aims to make artificial intelligence mainstream

Randall Craig
May 13, 2017

The cloud database service likely won't be a good fit for financial transactions or analytics, but it could serve as a solid operational database, Baer said. AWS also offers a fully managed MySQL-compatible relational database called Amazon Aurora.

Windows 10 grew by 24% since Microsoft ended the free upgrade offer previous year, but the staying power of Windows 7 - that edition still powered more than half of all Windows PCs in April - hinted that enterprises have yet to migrate to the newer OS in large numbers. The database migration services are available in preview versions.

Microsoft's claim was significantly higher than Computerworld's latest calculation, which was based on metrics vendor Net Applications' measurement of Windows 10's user share and Microsoft's oft-cited contention that 1.5 billion machines run Windows.

Cosmos DB is the evolution of DocumentDB, the company's cloud-based NoSQL database for storing and serving up information for applications in JSON.

Arguably the biggest Azure news to come out of Microsoft's Build 2017 developer conference is the debut of Azure Cosmos DB. Microsoft's new database migration services (in preview) move Oracle and SQL Server databases into Azure SQL Database with near-zero application downtime, and at no extra cost or configuration. This way, a developer can pick a class, go through the curriculum and immediately start developing end-to-end solutions that use Azure IoT.

In terms of developer accessibility Microsoft announced support for graph traversal, supporting Apache Gremlin.That part of the Build demo was striking, but nearly presented as an afterthought - Microsoft took a natural language query and created the Graph database query on the fly.

Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, multi-model database-as-a-service platform with support for popular APIs that lets developers create scalable databases at low latencies.

Cosmos DB, which was borne out of DocumentDB and is generally available, will likely be a good fit for things that rely on graph data to determine how nodes and objects are interrelated, such as social networks, Ronthal said.

"By extending our Fanatical Support portfolio to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 in Asia, we can now help Microsoft customers and advocates across Asia Pacific manage their cloud environments so they can focus on their core business", said Ajit Melarkode, Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Rackspace. These will give the familiar open source databases in a platform-as-a-service style, removing the administrative overhead that comes of using them and making it easier to move workloads using them into Azure. The Microsoft representative showed how an admin could use the Azure Portal to access the service and make changes to its configuration on the fly.

During Build yesterday, Microsoft also demonstrated how it will integrate a variety of its products and services into a sales platform called Tact, which is expected to be released later this year. Now that Microsoft is getting more aggressive about stealing Oracle customers, maybe Azure will make Ellison's hit list, too.

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