Joanna Jedrzejczyk Demolishes Jessica Andrade: 'There is Only One' (UFC 211 Results)

Beth Cruz
May 15, 2017

Last night, in the co-main event of UFC 211, UFC strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk made a fifth-straight defense of her title, dominating a unsafe Jessica Andrade to a unanimous decision win.

It was another brilliant fight from Joanna Champion, who outstruck her former training partner by a massive amount. Andrade continued to rush in with her head down and winging punches, but Jedrzejczyk was just too skilled to get clipped.

From that point on, it was one-way traffic.

Jedrzejczyk started the second stanza much like the first - with incessant low kicks to Andrade's lead leg. Andrade attempted to corner her, but Jedrzejczyk was able to circle away and keep the fight at a comfortable distance.

But the end of the story was much the same as they've all been for Joanna Champion: 50-45 across the board. Jessica Andrade had looked impressive in recent fights but she couldn't offer basically any resistance over the course of 25 minutes. By the time the first round ended, Joanna had a mouse on her face.

"That's why I moved to the U.S., that's why I moved to ATT - because I want to build my brand in the U.S.", Jedrzejczyk said.

However, the 29-year-old has already admitted she has her eye on the soon-to-be-created UFC 125-pound belt, which may be the only way she finds a meaningful test. "He will have to pack a lunch if he thinks he is going to jump on my back like that and take me down as he did to Jorge Masvidal and Carlos Condit". I want to buy a home for my mother.

"I came here to be champ, but I'm still early in my career". I respect her a lot.

Jedrzejczyk connected on 215 of her 353 strikes (61 percent), and 203 of those punches, kicks and knees were considered significant, while Andrade was successful with only 74 of her 239 strikes and two of her 12 takedown attempts. Whenever Jedrzejczyk got to close to the fence, she pivoted or switched direction, often causing Andrade to run straight into the fence. And I'm always trying to change something and don't let them beat me. Her chin is serious - Jedrzejczyk hit her with everything she had - and she somehow just shrugged it off and kept looking for the desperation Hail Mary shot. Jessica Andrade is a powerful pressure striker who could present some matchup problems for Jedrzejczyk.

"It was not a joke", she said with a laugh.

It's time for the UFC to hand her the spotlight she deserves. The UFC is simply the best organization in the world, and most of the shows are here in the United States. 10-8 Jedrzejczyk. She's completely outclassing Andrade. It has also taught us we may be watching the gathering of the greatest female resume in UFC history.

"If a Conor McGregor fight is on the table, it would be dumb not to take that fight but I'm going to focus right now on 145", Edgar said.

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