ZeniMax is Going After Samsung Now

Phillip Butler
May 17, 2017

Now ZeniMax is turning its attention to Samsung and its Gear VR headset, claiming that the company is profiting from Oculus technology that was first developed at ZeniMax.

Even though it already won a huge settlement against Oculus earlier this year - to the tune of $500 million - ZeniMax isn't done with dealing with virtual reality companies in court.

ZeniMax's basic argument is that Samsung would have been aware of the lawsuit against Oculus, which was filed during the initial development of the Gear VR.

ZeniMax, the game publisher who has been in a legal fight with Oculus over its PC-based Oculus Rift headset for some time, is now dragging Samsung into court as well.

But the new lawsuit extends the allegations to say that Carmack's proprietary information was also key to letting Oculus "secretly develop a mobile software development kit ("Mobile SDK") and related software for the Samsung Gear VR".

Zenimax is seeking damages, a share in the profit from sales of devices that used stolen technology, injunctive relief, and royalties. The proceedings are in infantile stages just yet, but the course of action is well-worth following, as the bill for Samsung may spiral into the hundreds of millions and pose serious considerations for the future of Gear VR. While at Oculus Carmack was one of the driving forces of the Gear VR, an Oculus-made headset for Samsung Galaxy phones.

It added that he was joined by Matt Hooper, who had recently left Zenimax-owned Id Software, "and who Carmack had allowed into the office without permission outside of normal office hours". ZeniMax initially asked for $4bn ($2bn in compensation and $2bn in damages) but the jury found Oculus not guilty of stealing trade secrets to create the Rift headset, despite ZeniMax's initial claim.

The new lawsuit against Samsung reiterates some of those points, specifically that Carmack's success at Oculus is down to software he developed while working as part of a team at ZeniMax. The lawsuit seems to be an extension of the previous legal battle with Oculus and Palmer Luckey that ended a few months back.

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