'March Against Sharia' Planned Across The US

Justin Greene
June 10, 2017

There's an "anti-sharia" rally planned at Seattle City Hall on Saturday - part of similar rallies around the U.S.

A group concerned with Sharia law will hold a rally outside the capitol steps Saturday morning as part of a nationwide "March Against Sharia" promoted by ACT for America.

The ACT for America believes that many aspects of Sharia law "run contrary to basic human rights and are completely incompatible with our laws and our democratic values".

The protests are set to happen on Lansing's south side and are led by a group called "Act for America".

The Nation is bracing to manage the chaos coming through the nation wide Anti-Sharia rallies planned by Act for America, an organization committed to pit one American against the other and destroy the fabric of our nation.

"When we see these kinds of crimes, where Muslims are being assaulted and attacked, we find these same words and slurs that are used by ACT for America", Buhkari said. She has also referred to Arabs as "barbarians" and claimed they have "no soul". Frankly, we give it as much credence as we would a group of neo-Nazis rallying against the demeaning roles Orthodox Judaism forces women into.

Members of the alt-right - a loosely knit movement that includes white supremacists, neo-Nazis and other far-right groups - have announced their intention to participate in numerous marches. Since ACT for America brings up FGM, Pulver points out that the matter is already being dealt with by law enforcement and state legislators of both parties. Gabriel and her organization did not respond to requests for comment. His bid for the government to revoke the free speech rally's permit was unsuccessful, and March Against Sharia is still scheduled to take place in Portland. Their significance in the Islamophobia industry has waxed and waned over the years.

Al Jazeera: How would you describe the support bases for organisations such as ACT for America?

We will speak out and show up for everyone against the unjust targeting and discrimination of people because of the color of their skin, the faith they practice, or the origin of their family. The group has been accused for being anti-Muslim and its founder and chair, Brigitte Gabriel, has made inflammatory statements about Muslims.

That sense of fear has not only led to the adoption of legislation that discriminates against Muslims, but has, in my opinion, spurred a smattering of hate crimes and other acts of violence and intimidation online and in the public that create a very unsafe situation for American Muslims. And there's been many, many innovative and very persuasive changes in some of the classical rules that we today might think were unfair to women.

"Many Southeastern states such as North Carolina are on the front lines of the juxtaposition of the population growth of Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim, and the growth in white supremacist organizations", Chavi Koneru, executive director of North Carolina Asian Americans Together, said in a release.

Nearly 1,000 people have expressed interest in the unity rally on Facebook, dwarfing the 60 or so people who have submitted an RSVP to the ACT for America Facebook event.

Muslims around the world, like many Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and others believe that their religious laws are God's laws to follow.

"We are planning to have a large showing of love visuals in the same neighborhood (north and east edge of Paradise Valley Park) from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. - so we can soak the neighborhood in love before the hate (and heat) moves in", she writes on Facebook.

Lean: There is a mutual relationship between all of these things.

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