Warriors' Green will be on the court for this Finals Game 5

Beth Cruz
June 12, 2017

It would've been understandable if such circumstances would've left Warriors star Draymond Green in a foul mood afterward. Check, check, check (we think) and check.

This was the second straight Finals in which Green was at the center of controversy in Game 4. Past year the Warriors lost both Games 5 & 7 at home to the Cavs in the Finals and they can't allow that to happen again - that's pressure.

But what if they don't? And when the Cavs defeated Golden State 137-116 last time out, it was because they were brutal and unapologetic for it. He still received at least one technical foul. LeBron James involvement is crucial for the Cavaliers.

But suppose something nutty happens again?

Then, after chastising Davis for the technical postgame, he took on the people of Cleveland again. But to lose for the first time in the post-season was still somewhat jarring and as expected, a painful reminder was thrown in their faces by the basketball world.

"We have to understand that going forward that whoever's the aggressor to begin with sets the tone for the game, gets the pace to where you want it, and good things happen out of that". But then you add, of course, some chatter in there, and that adds some extra motivation. Although their defense tightened up slightly in the second quarter, they still gave up 37 points leading to an 86-point half for the Cavaliers, an National Basketball Association finals record.

"I love this game, and I love y'all", Green said with a smile. So hitting and being physical and just everything they do to us in the first three games, we have to do that.

"Absolutely not", he said.

"I'm sure it's going to continue. Because I'm a lot smarter than people think". Just having my emotions in place than I've ever felt. It's the story of legends in and around Boston of how they came back, defeated the Evil Empire and broke the Curse of the Bambino. I've won one on the road.

He turned a bit more serious when asked to reflect on the suspension that perhaps cost the Warriors a repeat title. "I've never been in this position being up in the Finals and trying to close it out". "I remember it like it was yesterday". If LeBron can lead the Cavs to a 3-0 comeback, Norris Cole will label him the 'best ever, ' just as many others might. Green scratched his head over that one and explained himself. "When we've got guys - like Steph [Curry], Klay [Thompson], me, [Kevin Durant] - picking up two, three fouls in a hurry, it's tough to bring the physicality". Do you really want that?

"I kind of always been this way. So I went over the edge before - fool me once, you can't fool me twice".

"When we were there past year I think I looked at him and said: 'Let's just never do this again". When he's extending the floor and hitting those 3s, it opens the floor for everybody. And while the Warriors don't have Bogut, their three-headed replacement (JaVale McGee, Zaza Pachulia and David West) has been adequate. Well, they found one, and the back-up plan has become the game plan. "We have been in this situation before". So, we have to take it slow. We have to limit that number to two or three. "We've just got some resilient guys". The Warriors need to blitz them and keep the heat on all night in Game 5.

"If you come into the game chanting my name, you be at home thinking about me". "How can we play physical with some of the stuff going on out there tonight?"

"We were up 3-0".

"Don't let us win today".

"It's the same challenges, especially being in this building", James said. It's the next game in line. "But we knew what we were faced with". We don't look forward to Game 6. If the Warriors win Game 5, he's probably the Finals MVP. But he's learned how to focus that intensity.

And so there are incentives the Warriors will drag into Game 5.

Stack up the odds, Cleveland conquers them. They obviously don't what to catch another flight to Cleveland and hear non-stop chatter about tightness in their necks.

Myers chose to stay with Green as he sat out that game last June. Oh, and LeBron had something to do with it, too. "All the energy is going to something positive, I would hope".

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