E3 2017: Days Gone Gets an Extended Look at Gameplay

Phillip Butler
June 13, 2017

During its E3 press event today, Sony showed off some of SIE Bend's latest Days Gone gameplay footage. The gameplay trailer shows the games protagonist traversing the countryside during the day and night and when he is suddenly attacked by the freakers. The world looks incredible though, with lush scenery and rich forestation. Deacon places an explosive charge on a nearby boarded wall and blows it, alerting a swarm of nearby zombies to the enemy's presence. From what we have seen of Deacon already, we know he's more than capable of handling himself and getting out of tough situations.

It took a while to get there this year, but Days Gone still has a lot of zombies. It also seems to put stealth above going in with guns blazing as you are forced utilize everything around you to achieve objectives. The second one we've seen this E3, the first being from Metro Exodus.

Stay tuned for more information.

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