Bernie Sanders Slams 1 Percent in Praise for UK's Corbyn

Kristopher Drake
June 15, 2017

The Scottish National Party (SNP) were down by 22, losing seats to the Tories, Labour and Liberal Democrats, in a major setback for Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The Tories only managed to win 318 seats - eight shy of an overall majority - and now reply on the DUP to prop them up and pass laws.

May unexpectedly called the snap election seven weeks ago, three years early, polls predicting she would massively increase the slim majority she inherited from Cameron.

The small Northern Ireland party that will play a key role in the new British government will be holding talks with Prime Minister Theresa May as she puts together a minority government. The BBC has reported that May will intend to try and govern on the basis that her party had won the largest number of votes and seats. As incumbent, May has the right to make the first attempt to form a coalition, though her tough stance on Brexit is likely to make finding a suitable partner hard.

Corbyn, beaming with hope, claimed on Twitter that the Labour party had "changed the face of British politics". Even the idea that a vote for the Labour Party could be seen as some sort of "protest" is not necessarily borne out by the evidence.

Former conservative minister Anna Soubry added that the premier "is in a very hard place. she now has to obviously consider her position".

"The instability that we now have is not from the Labour Party or other parties, it's the Conservative Party itself".

The British Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, is set to gain seats following the British election, according to exit polls.

May's Conservative Party won the most seats by the slimmest of margins, but lost its majority in the House of Commons - an enormous blow for the Prime Minister, who called the election in order to consolidate power. Some parliamentarians in both the Conservative and Labour parties want to remain in the EU.

Tusk added on Twitter: "We don't know when Brexit talks start". "This is a very bad moment for the Conservative Party, and we need to take stock", Conservative lawmaker Anna Soubry said.

The election campaign was rocked by two terror attacks, which drew attention to May's record in her former job as interior minister, while her own performances were heavily criticised.

In remarks delivered at his north London constituency's election count, Corbyn said May called the election to get a new mandate and the "mandate she got was one of lost support".

Jeremy Corbyn still thinks he can become prime minister instead of Theresa May.

"This will allow us to come together as a country and channel our energies towards a successful Brexit deal that works for everyone in this country - securing a new partnership with the European Union which guarantees our long-term prosperity".

The Green Party's Laura Fisk said: "It has been an extraordinary election in extraordinary circumstances and it has been a pleasure to be involved in the democratic process".

From the time Corbyn, a long-time hard-left anti-militarism back-bencher and protege of the late Tony Benn, was elevated to the leadership position of the Labour Party back in September 2015, he has (like Bernie Sanders in the U.S. last year) had to combat a concerted effort to unseat him by the Labour Party establishment.

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