Cosby alternate juror 'probably' would have convicted

Tomas Mccoy
June 20, 2017

That made it a lot easier for the defense team to attack Constand and her credibility. "She's entitled to a verdict in this case".

Bill Cosby listens to his wife Camille's statement being read aloud by Ebonee M. Benson outside the Montgomery County Courthouse after a mistrial in his sexual assault case in Norristown, Pa., Saturday, June 17, 2017.

Cosby was charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and sexually assaulting Constand without her consent.

The criminal case against Cosby partly stems from the accuser's related lawsuit.

'We can never underestimate the blinding power of celebrity, but justice will come, ' she warned.

Troiani acknowledged the difficulty of the case, given the passage of time and the impact of the alleged drugging on Constand's ability to recall details.

In her note to the judge informing the deadlock, the jury forewoman said the panel could not reach "a unanimous consensus" on the charges against Cosby.

When those allegations against Cosby were pulled back into the light almost 10 years later, the public had a much different reaction.

The judge in this case says he would try to schedule a new trial within 120 days. She also criticized the judge, the accuser's lawyers and the media. The district attorney at the time declined to press charges, citing insufficient evidence. Cosby's wife has not been seen at her husband's trial since defense attorney Brian McMonagle's closing arguments on Monday.

The Hollywood icon remains free on bail pending the new trial. "It has been restored".

Prosecutors in Bill Cosby's sexual assault case are fighting to keep the jurors' identities a secret.

Cosby had once been a beloved comedian, starring in the hit television program The Cosby Show. He also found success with his "Fat Albert" animated TV show and starred in commercials for Jell-O pudding. Several of them attended the criminal trial with their lawyers.

But Brown says that's unlikely, unless Cosby takes the stand or.

Quaalude was a highly popular party drug in the 1970s that was banned in the 1982.

"None of them have ever been cross-examined and the one time that it has happened, fair-minded people couldn't come to a conclusion", he said in reference to the case that ended Saturday in a mistrial. Under Pennsylvania's speedy trial law, the new trial should be set within 365 days, and Steele has promised to move as fast as possible. Because of pretrial publicity, jurors in the first trial were selected from the Pittsburgh area and bused 300 miles to suburban Philadelphia, where they were sequestered.

The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.

It wasn't immediately known how many jurors wanted to convict and how many wanted to acquit. Cosby's trial ended without a verdict.

Now, he said, reporters want to talk to jurors about their deliberations, and what led to the jury becoming deadlocked.

The 12-member jury had told Judge Steven O'Neill on Thursday that they were deadlocked, but the Pennsylvania judge ordered them to continue with no cut-off point to stop trying to reach a unanimous agreement.

It's understandable they would think that; for most of America's history, women's allegations of sexual assault were not to be believed - even when men stated something as true that was clearly a lie.

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