LUTH, Airtel fete volunteers on World Blood Donor Day

Tammy Harvey
June 26, 2017

According to the report, which included data from 36 countries in the region, only one country from Latin America and nine from the Caribbean got all their blood donations from voluntary unpaid donors. In fact, one donation can help save the lives of up to three people.

Meerut: As the world observes World Blood Donor Day on Wednesday and blood donation camps are scheduled to be set up in the entire district, statistics revealed that the number of blood donors in the district has risen by 15% from 2015 to 2016. Here are some basic health requirements that everyone needs to keep in mind to be able to give blood.

The focus of this year's event is blood donation in emergencies. "It's a gift that costs you nothing except your time as our bodies are capable of replacing the volume of blood you have lost quite quickly".

On this year's WBDD, under the theme, "Give Blood, Give now, Give often", the World Health Organization draws experience from the quake disaster that occurred in Nepal. People above the age of 70 years are acceptable if they have donated blood any time in the last two years. Many people are known to refrain from blood donation due to concerns of hygiene and safety.

Speaking during the event, Head of Haematology Unit, LUTH, Dr. Titilola Adeyemo appreciated Airtel's continued partnership with the institution in raising awareness about blood donation. Donate Blood to give back life. If you have a regular cold or cough or are even asthmatic, you can donate blood as long as you feel well. It was formally stated in a research study published in the Asian Journal of Transfusion science that a vegetarian or non vegetariuan diet is not a determinant of your eligibility of blood donation. The Haemoglobin level in donor's blood should be 12g/dL.

In addition, nearly all countries achieved 100 per cent blood screening for infections that can be transmitted by transfusion. Owing to the shortage of blood, usually, relatives donate blood or request others to donate blood.

"I know every blood comes from somebody and I wonder how and who helped me stand here today".

Seidler joked saying donating can be compared to getting regular oil changes for your vehicle.

He added that flooding the blood bank during emergencies tends to have a chaotic effect.

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