Snapchat users should use caution with new update

Randall Craig
June 27, 2017

The new Snap Map, launched last week, allows users to share their location with friends in real time, with their present location identified on a map.

To access the Snap Map, allow you need to do is pinch on your Snapchat camera home screen.

Snap Chat says it reminds users periodically that their location is on just in case they decide they no longer want to share it.

The application now requires users to approve sharing their location, and you can turn on "ghost mode" to make sure no one can see where you are.

However, Snapchat wanted to bring something new, so the feature will not be identical to those in other apps, which we're already familiar with. The third, "My Friends", gives users the option of letting all their friends see their location.

If you opt in, then every time the app is opened, it will track your location anywhere it can pick up a Global Positioning System signal.

The new feature is available for all accounts, unless you manually disable it in the applications settings menu.

"Snapchat is a social media app that people actually have higher expectations of privacy from because snaps disappear after 24 hours", said Byrd.

Police are warning parents about a new feature on Snapchat.

Snapchat made a decision to follow the example of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and embraced a new location sharing feature. When you've opened the map, you'll see "ActionMoji" - cartoon avatars - of your friends.

Snapchat will soon foray in to a domain which it's not quite familiar with - location sharing. So many kids are using it, but now the new "Snap Map" filter is raising some privacy and safety concerns.

From there, select "location sharing" and then you have the option of turning "Ghost Mode" on.

Variety reports that nearly a third of the 13-24-year-old Snapchatters they surveyed said they use Snapchat specifically because their parents do not use it.

"We know many of our students are frequent Snapchat users and we want to make sure everyone stays as safe as possible". "In order to prevent your child's location from being shared, they should put the setting into "Ghost Mode".

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