Trump's Commerce Chief Cut Off in Berlin as German Patience Ends

Kristopher Drake
June 30, 2017

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday urged protesters to remain peaceful when they rally against a G20 summit next week, when police expect thousands of anti-capitalist militants.

If her recent comments are a warm-up for the G20 summit in Hamburg next month, it's hard to imagine how Merkel will top herself when she actually comes face-to-face with Trump for a third time.

The German leader won strong support from her European allies, with France's President Emmanuel Macron saying: "On climate, we reaffirm clearly our very strong engagement for the Paris accord and our willingness to go forward".

The European Union continues to adhere to the Paris climate agreement, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday.

While Trump needs to be told that Europe disagrees with his stance on climate change, "it's always preferable to come up with joint statements", Macron said.

Merkel criticized the decision of US President Donald Trump to withdraw from the agreement, adding that she was determined to carry out negotiations at the G20 summit in compliance with the objectives set in the Paris Agreement.

"We can't, and we won't, wait until the last person on earth is convinced of the scientific evidence for climate change", she added in a jab at Trump, whom she didn't mention by name.

The German leader underlined that, despite their differences with the Trump administration, Europeans would continue to seek common solutions, without excluding the USA, a significant member of the G20. The Trump administration made a "conscious decision not to walk away from" the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, Ross said.

Macron said that "it is no use isolating a state". The United States is the world's second largest emitter of greenhouse gases after China.

"Anybody who believes the problems of the world can be solved with isolationism and protectionism is making a big mistake", Merkel said. "And that is why we need to remove as many barriers to free trade as possible", he said.

After organizers cut Ross off during a call to counteract dumping in worldwide trade, Merkel rejected his criticism of Germany's surplus.

"These will not be easy talks", Merkel said.

Also attending the summit will be the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Guinea, Senegal, Singapore and Vietnam.

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