Woman Charged in Boyfriend's Death During 'Prank' Video out on Bail

Kristopher Drake
June 30, 2017

A pregnant teenager is facing jail after shooting her boyfriend dead in what his family has called a YouTube stunt gone wrong.

The bullet, which was sacked from only one foot away (about 0.3 metres), went straight through the encyclopedia and into Ruiz's chest; he died at the scene.

In a tragic incident, a teen shot her boyfriend during a YouTube stunt as they "wanted to increase their followers".

A charging document obtained by the Star Tribune detailed how Perez claimed she was convinced to go through with the idea by Ruiz. "It shouldn't have happened at all". She was charged with the second-degree manslaughter after she shot Pedro in the chest at close range outside their home in northwest Minnesota.

Now, Perez faces a charge of second-degree manslaughter after a court appearance Wednesday, according to the Pioneer Press.

She has been granted a public defender and released on $7,000 bail. She says she fired the gold Desert Eagle.50 caliber handgun from about a foot (0.3 meters) away with about 30 people watching, including the couple's 3-year-old daughter.

Ms Perez, who is pregnant, reportedly told the authorities that the stunt had been Pedro's idea, in an attempt to create a viral video.

Perez, 19, is now pregnant with their second child. Her last video posted Monday was titled "DOING SCARY STUNTS AT THE FAIR".

A gamble for YouTube fame resulted in tragedy for a young couple from Minnesota.

The couple's prank videos usually contained innocent tricks, such as Perez giving Ruiz a donut covered in baby powder.

Ruiz's aunt Claudia Ruiz told WDAY-TV that the whole situation was an accident.

They showed a Tweet they say was published by Perez just before the incident happened.

She said her nephew told her he wanted to do the stunt "because we want more viewers, we want to get famous". I said, don't do it, don't do it. "Why are you going to use a gun, why?'" Ruiz told Valley News Live.

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