Trump wants 'golden age of American energy dominance'

Toni Houston
July 1, 2017

Matt Stansberry, whose group, Advanced Energy Economy, signed the letter, said the organizations are pushing for a more public examination of the energy sector and that the groups are concerned the study will focus more on research biased against renewables.

The Department of Energy also could fully fund the testing of advanced fuels, which would help authorize a cheaper alternative for existing plants, said Josh Freed, the vice president for clean energy at Third Way, a Washington think tank that advocates for nuclear power among other issues. In several different ways, Udall asked this question: "What is the official Trump administration position on accepting the scientific evidence that manmade climate change is occurring?"

The U.S. should also invest in nuclear power while continuing to take advantage of the abundance of its natural resources through increased exports.

"Either they do think Carbon dioxide emissions are a problem, which is why nukes and [carbon capture and sequestration] would make sense, at least to them, or they don't", said David Bookbinder, chief counsel for the libertarian Niskanen Center. Additionally, the administration could expand opportunities for exporting US energy by seeking to undo an Obama-era ban on the Export-Import Bank financing coal plants overseas. While man is "having an effect" on climate, he said, "most likely the primary control knob is the ocean waters and this environment that we live in".

"No, what I said was: Climate is changing, always has".

"I mean, what is the other side?" "These politically driven policies, driven primarily by hostility to coal, threatens the reliability and the stability of the greatest electrical grid in the world", he said.

The Trump administration said that is nonsense.

"I'm confident that, working together, we can usher in a golden age of American energy dominance and the extraordinary financial and security benefits that it brings to our citizens, not only the Native Americans, but all over the country", Trump told reporters in prepared remarks before the meeting.

"I have no idea what a review will tell us that we don't already know", said Mike McKenna, a Republican energy strategist with close ties to the administration. It's done. If you don't believe that, you're a skeptic.

Our friends over at the Houston Chronicle report that API chief economist Erica Bowman questioned the emphasis on baseload that underpins the Energy Department's grid study. "But no reasonable person can deny the thumb, or even the whole hand, if you will, has been put on the scale in favor of certain political outcomes".

Trump reiterated the need to end restrictions on energy production activities and roll back environmental regulations that prevent it. "And one of those, I would find it really interesting - our French friends are very comfortable getting 76 percent, thereabouts, of their energy from nuclear, and I can assure you they're very fond of getting it at the rate they're getting it".

Asked whether intermittent renewable energy impairs grid stability, Honorable did say that renewables have distinct traits that require planning and accommodation. GAIL expects to receive supplies from early next year.

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